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17 to 19 July 2019 | By invitation only

United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), Bangkok, Thailand

In following-up to the first Regional Steering Group on Population and Social Statistics (RSG-PSS) meeting, the second meeting is called to review a number of challenges that countries in the Asia-Pacific region are facing to meet the requirements related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) monitoring in the area of population and social statistics. In particular, the meeting has the following key objectives: 

  1. To identify critical challenges where regional initiatives can support countries to develop an integrated system of population and social statistics and ensure they are properly used to monitor global and national SDGs;
  2. To review organization, activities and outputs of the RSG-PSS to effectively meet the needs of national statistical systems and in line with the Collective Vision and Framework for Action by the Asia-Pacific statistical community.

Background documents


Topic 1 - Developing a sustainable integrated system of population and social statistics in support of the SDGs

Topic 2 - Data integration: key asset for sustainable statistical systems to leave no one behind

Special session A: international migration (Topic 5)

Topic 3 - Tools and opportunities to engage with policy makers and other users at country level

Topic 4 - Data accessibility and data communication: the ultimate mission of a responsive NSS

Special session B: crime and justice (Topic 5)

Topic 6 - Future of the Regional Strategy for Population and Social Statistics

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