Asia-Pacific Day for the Ocean

20 Nov 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

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Asia-Pacific is home to the most biologically diverse and productive marine ecosystems on Earth -our ocean is a vital source of livelihood, employment, nutrition and economic growth in the region and is essential in balancing our climate. Yet, capacity of our ocean to sustain development in threatened by pollution, overfishing, climate change and inadequate governance. Countries in Asia-Pacific are both major sources of ocean degradation and highly vulnerable to its impacts.

At the halfway mark between the 2017 and 2020 Ocean Conference, this is the first event of its kind at the regional level that aims to take stock of progress made on Voluntary Commitments, to share lessons learned from ongoing efforts, expand the Communities of Ocean Action, and catalyse new Commitments for a healthy ocean in Asia-Pacific. Review of activities and Commitments will take place in the form of interactive discussions and presentations, exhibits and side events, along the themes of the Communities of Ocean Action and SDG 14 targets, in line with regional priorities.

The Asia-Pacific Day for the Ocean is organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in close cooperation with custodian agencies of the Communities of Ocean Action and the UN Special Envoy for the Ocean. Substantive sessions will provide the opportunity to showcase initiatives to conserve marine and coastal ecosystems including reefs and mangroves, to reduce marine pollution and plastic debris, to combat ocean acidification and climate change, promote sustainable fisheries and a blue economy, and advance ocean science and marine technology.

All stakeholders currently implementing Voluntary Commitments in ocean basins, seas and countries in Asia-Pacific or working on initiatives for a healthy ocean in the region and interested in making a Voluntary Commitment and/or joining a Community of Action are invited to register as participants to report progress made, challenges faced, and share success stories. We invite interested participants to register well in advance of the event and no later than 15 November via the following link:

If you are currently implementing a Voluntary Commitment in Asia-Pacific and are interested in joining as a presenting entity, kindly contact us as soon as possible via [email protected] with the subject line “Asia-Pacific Day for the Ocean” and provide us with information on which session you are interested in and the name of your Voluntary Commitment. Entities implementing Voluntary Commitments who are not able to join in person, are invited to contact us to provide written input, a recorded message, or other media to present their success stories.

If you are interested in exhibiting your initiative and progress at a booth during our event, kindly fill out the registration form for a booth and contact us via the email provided above.

Register to participate here