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Closing the Loop

Art Exhibition

Ocean Plastic Pavilion

Developed by the Solaris Community


In Partnership with The United Nations Economic Social Commission of Asia Pacific (ESCAP)​

Our exhibit explores innovative solutions for repurposing the world’s marine plastic litter into works of decorative art created by world-class designers utilising state-of-the-art technology that encourages cross-sectoral collaborations, leans into sustainable circular economy models and helps standardise a global green supply chain.

The United Nations Economic Social Commission of Asia Pacific (UN-ESCAP) is honoured to be working with Solaris Community and their partners to bring this exhibition to you. We hope to inspire you to keep dreaming up new ways to protect our oceans and our futures.

Building a Circular Economy

A circular economy is a sustainable model of production and consumption where existing materials and products are reused, repaired, refurbished and recycled to extend their life and minimise waste. By building high-functioning circular economies, we can stop plastic debris from entering our waterways and instead make use of this valuable resource.

The Ocean Plastic Pavilion collection products perfectly represent just what can happen inside a creative and innovative circular economy.

Artists are Change-Makers

Historically, artists have always paved the way for transformation in society, taking risks where others wouldn’t, and it is still true today. The modern creative class speaks with a voice that empowers, mobilises and catalyses people to action. The designers behind the pieces in Ocean Plastic Pavilion are giving that voice to our world’s oceans.

All the work in the collection gracefully mimics the ocean and its ecosystem, bringing attention to the fragility of life below sea. The medium for each work is plastics gleaned from the sea, which is then recycled, and 3D printed, showing that we can take something as ugly and harmful as the plastics choking our oceans and transform it into something beautiful and valuable.

The concepts for design seen in Ocean Plastic Pavilion prove that artists are great leaders of change and can be the visionaries who find real-world solutions for real-world challenges.

Championing New Technology

As we look to solutions to manage marine plastic debris, it is critical that we continually improve our technologies and seek better practices and more efficient tools. Unfortunately, many of the standard technologies used today to repurpose plastics create sub-par structurally weak materials, making it challenging for industrial processes to produce meaningful products. This leads manufacturers to shy away from working with eco-friendly options, and instead, they stick with virgin materials that continue to drain our earth’s resources.

Ocean Plastic Pavilion envisions a better future for plastics recycling. The technology used, from the breaking down and pelletising of the plastics to 3D printing, can produce superior materials that, as seen here, can be repurposed for nearly anything and stand the test of time. These advanced plastic recycling technologies go a step further by helping to reverse damage caused by salt and sun – meaning we have the power to recycle plastics that have been floating in the oceans for years.

By creating in-demand products from recycled materials, we can give marine plastic debris a real second life and help foster a greener and cleaner supply chain.


Marine plastic litter and what to do about it is complicated. To rise to this challenge, all sectors must unite and work together and share best practices to find strategic ways to minimise plastic emissions.

The Solaris Community connected designers and engineers to produce the finished pieces on display to create the Ocean Plastic Pavilion collection. Underneath the artwork lies a network of support from the public and private sectors, including recyclers, logistics companies and non-profit organisations, to make this all possible and demonstrates the possibilities we can start achieving if we work together to clean our oceans.

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