Workshop to support Pacific VNR reporting in 2019 with a focus on Indicator Development and its links to Planning/Budget processes

4 Dec 2018 to 6 Dec 2018
Nadi , Fiji

The workshop aimed to meet the following objectives for the representatives of the five pacific countries (Fiji, Nauru, Palau, Tonga and Vanuatu) and Timor-Leste, undertaking their VNR reporting in 2019.

1) Provide an opportunity to information share on:
a. Their national planning/policy environment and its linkages to budgetary processes
b. Existing Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) processes, in particular their corresponding indicator frameworks
c. Activities undertaken nationally thus far to implement SDGs in to national processes, with a focus on national plans and corresponding indicator frameworks within M&E processes

2) Provide a better understanding on:
a. The VNR process, via a walk-through of the SG’s voluntary guidelines
b. The importance of integrating indicator development with national planning and budgetary processes
c. Processes which should be considered in developing national sustainable development indicator sets which meet the needs of tracking progress of existing national development priorities, whilst accommodating regional/global reporting commitments such as SDGs

3) An opportunity to commence/further progress the process of producing the VNR report for their respective countries with a focus on:
a. Documenting the challenges and processes being adopted to align planning and budgetary processes to assist with implementing and resourcing of development priorities, for inclusion in the VNR report
b. Documenting the challenges and processes being adopted to identify all key national indicator priorities, and their ongoing production for national and regional/global reporting, for inclusion in the VNR report
c. Development of a strategy to identify and produce the key indicators which will add evidence to the main body of the VNR report, documenting sustainable development issues and progress