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22 to 23 June 2022 | By invitation only

In Asia and the Pacific, resource-intensive growth has pushed many natural systems beyond the point of irreversible damage, leading to ecosystem degradation and climate disruption, compromising a clean, healthy and sustainable environment for all and undermining sustainable development.

To fulfil the human right to a clean and healthy environment and preserve the sustainability of the planet for the prosperity of all, societies across the region must redefine their relationship with nature and shift to greener, more resilient and sustainable development pathways.

Stronger regional cooperation is imperative to protect our common environment. Such collaboration should be based on effective international environmental governance and multilateral processes, as well as coordinated and complementary actions for addressing climate change, ecosystem degradation including of the marine environment, unsustainable urban development as well as pollution and waste.

This expert group meeting is organised in the lead up a consultation process for the 7th Committee on Environment and Development at ministerial level.

The Expert Group Meeting will discuss opportunities for regional collaboration on air pollution, climate change, ocean and marine ecosystems, sustainable cities and rights-based approaches to environmental protection, in order to inform consultations on the Ministerial Declaration and Regional Modality on Air Pollution and member States deliberations at the 7th Committee on Environment and Development.

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Committee on Environment and Development [email protected]
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