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22 to 23 June 2022 | By invitation only

The Regional Action Programme for Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific (2022–2026) has identified maritime and interregional transport connectivity as one of its seven priority areas. Advances in this area are expected to contribute towards the Programme’s overarching objectives to progress towards efficient and resilient transport and logistics networks and mobility for economic growth, towards environmentally sustainable transport systems and services and towards safe and inclusive transport and mobility.

To that end, this thematic area is focused on key mechanisms for connecting the region to global supply chains, including regional and multi-stakeholder cooperation, relevant data analysis and normative and technical assistance tools to address: (a) strengthening port-hinterland transport connections and strategically locating multimodal transport and logistics facilities to capitalize on the competitive strength of each mode in interregional transport, with special emphasis on strengthening the capacities of countries with special needs; (b) enhancing efficient multimodal operations; (c) supporting a shift to sustainable and resilient port development; (d) contributing to sustainable shipping and port operations practices, including reducing emissions and pollutants from shipping and port operations and developing green port infrastructure; and (e) connectivity challenges faced by small island developing States.

The key actions in this area include:

  • Supporting a systematic regional dialogue on sustainable and resilient maritime connectivity, including the promotion of the development of low- and zero-emissions green shipping for Asia and the Pacific in close partnership with global and regional actors and the shipping industry
  • Assisting small island developing States in meeting transport challenges and strengthening resilience to future shocks
  • Supporting an interregional multi-stakeholder forum for sustainable and resilient transport connectivity between Europe and Asia to bring together, on a regular basis, all concerned stakeholders, including governments, relevant organizations and institutions and the private sector.

In this context and bearing in mind the prevailing travel restrictions in Asia and the Pacific in 2022, the matters of sustainable and resilient maritime connectivity and land transport connectivity between Europe and Asia will be discussed as two components of an overarching Regional Forum on Connecting to Global Supply Chains through Inter-Regional Land Corridors and Maritime Routes (22-23 June 2022), divided into two thematic segments.

The results of these discussions will be reported to the Seventh Session of the Committee on Transport (25-27 November 2022) and pave the way towards the next editions of both Fora in support of the implementation of the Regional Action Programme for Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific (2022–2026). An emphasis in both thematic segments shall be put on promoting more resilient and environmentally sustainable connectivity initiatives and best practices. 

The event will be held in virtual format with the simultaneous interpretation into English, Russian and Chinese. 

The Forum is organized with the support of the ESCAP capacity building projects on “Enhancing efficiency of intermodal transport operations in Asia Through developing coordination arrangements in support of balanced economic, social and environmental impacts”, “Sustainable maritime and port connectivity for resilient and efficient supply chains in the aftermath of COVID-19 (Phase I)” and “Transport and trade connectivity in the age of pandemics: Contactless, seamless and collaborative UN solutions”.


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