Strengthening Subregional Connectivity in East and North-East Asia through Effective Economic Corridor Management

Strengthening Subregional Connectivity in East and North-East Asia through Effective Economic Corridor Management

Monday, September 21, 2020
Manuals, guidelines, training materials

This knowledge portal provides a single-point access to all learning materials developed for capacity building activities to accelerate the implementation of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor Program in line with sustainable development.

The training-workshops, organized by ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office, combine self-paced learning and interactive lecture sessions. (all links are opening in a new window)

1st Training-Workshop (6-8 October 2020, Ulaanbaatar)

Study Guide

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• Transport Corridors
- English version
- Mongolian version

• Dry Ports
- English version
- Mongolian version

• Energy Transit
- English version
- Mongolian version

Lecture Sessions

Overview - Subregional Connectivity and Economic Corridor Management

• Transport Corridors
- Presentation
- Video recording

• Dry Ports
- Presentation 1-1
- Presentation 1-2: Regional Framework
- Presentation 2
- Video recording

• Energy Transit
- Presentation - Energy Transit
- Presentation - Energy Connectivity
- Video recording


- Evaluation
- Summary report

Stay Tuned!

Following the 1st training-workshop, succeeding training-workshops will cover other policy areas, including infrastructure financing, trade facilitation, and institution-related issues of economic corridor management (e.g. institutional/legal framework, corridor performance measurement, etc). Succeeding training-workshops are planned until Q1 2021.


Learning Material - Transport CorridorsDownload
Learning Material - Transport Corridors.MongolianDownload
Learning Material - Dry Ports_0Download
Learning Material - Dry Ports.MongolianDownload
Learning Material - Energy TransitDownload
Learning Material - Energy Transit.MongolianDownload
Overview - Subregional Connectivity and Economic Corridor ManagementDownload
Presentation - Transport CorridorsDownload
Presentation - Dry Ports 1-1 revisedDownload
Presentation - Dry Ports 1-2_regional frameworkDownload
Presentation - Dry Ports 2_digital solutionsDownload
Presentation - Energy TransitDownload
Presentation - Energy Connectivity Download
2020 October Training - EcoCorridor Summary ReportDownload