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Waste to Resource

The Cities

ESCAP, in partnership with Waste Concern and a range of country partners, has been assisting cities in the region to develop sustainable waste management solutions based on a waste to resource approach. Seventeen cities and towns across Asia and the Pacific have taken part in ESCAP’s regional programme. Waste-to-resource initiatives have been launched in a range of these, including eight cities where Integrated Resource Recovery Centers have been built. For detailed focus on each of our cities.


ESCAP’s programme has involved a range of activities, including:

  • Undertaking municipal solid waste management baseline surveys that allow municipalities to better understand their current solid waste and waste management system, and identify opportunities for waste-to-resource initiatives;
  • Building new Integrated Resource Recovery Centers, and expanding, improving or converting existing facilities into Integrated Resource Recovery Centers;
  • Establishing practices and mechanisms for sustainable operation of Integrated Resource Recovery Centers, with particular emphasis on financial sustainability (cost recovery);
  • Undertaking community outreach for source separation of waste and working with waste collectors to deliver quality separated waste to the Integrated Resource Recovery Centers; and
  • Building the capacity of policymakers, municipal staff, facility operators and other stakeholders at all levels for policy, planning and practice in support of 3R and the waste-to-resource approach.

Promoting Integrated Resource Recovery Centers across the region

Promoting Integrated Resource Recovery Centers across the region

ESCAP is now working with national governments in beneficiary countries to up-scale and replicate the pilot Integrated Resource Recovery Centers established, including through Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs).

Efforts for replication are supported through various knowledge hubs and training centers established under the programme. These include Waste Concern’s regional knowledge and training centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition, Integrated Resource Recovery Centers in several project cities, notably Islamabad, Kampot, Matale and Quy Nhon, act as local knowledge hubs to showcase the initiative and facilitate replication in other interested cities. ESCAP has also recently launched an online learning platform for sustainable municipal solid waste management.