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Waste to Resource

Knowledge Corner for Waste-to-Resource Initiatives

Supporting Communities, Cities and Countries to Transform Waste Into Resources

A waste crisis is clearly evident in the Asia-Pacific region, fueled by rising quantities of waste and changing consumptions patterns on the one hand, and poor regulation and management on the other. This crisis threatens to overwhelm the resources and capacity of local governments and communities alike. Within this crisis, however, is a significant and largely untapped opportunity for transformational change.

The opportunity to turn waste into a resource.

The waste-to-resource approach promotes a paradigm shift in the management of solid waste. Under this approach, rather than view waste as a problem and burden, it is seen as a valuable resource, one that can be managed to produce sustainable benefits for a range of actors.

Since 2009, ESCAP, Waste Concern and their partners have been promoting a waste-to-resource approach to sustainable solid waste management in towns and cities across the region. Through this project, ESCAP has helped local actors to deploy inclusive programs and strategies for adopting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling) practices and establish Integrated Resource Recovery Centers (IRRCs). The IRRCs are decentralised facilities that use cost-effective and simple technologies to convert the organic component of municipal waste into resources using composting, anaerobic digestion and faecal sludge management processes.

To share everything we’ve learnt over the past 8 years, we’ve created this Knowledge Corner for Waste-to-Resource Initiatives website. The Knowledge Corner features a wide range of resources, including an online course, guidelines and technical specifications, operational manuals, reports and case studies. These resources can be useful tools for governments, non-government organizations, practitioners, and community groups. We hope that we can support the waste-to-resource paradigm shift.

Next Steps

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