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Implementing Inequality Assessments and Strengthening Demographic Analysis Capacity


Inequality Assessment for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics LAO PDR (PDF)

The report seeks to provide a picture of the Lao PDR’s civil registration completeness and the associated inequalities, that lay out possible key drivers behind the low birth registration. This will allow the country to work towards solving these remaining challenges to really get ‘every one’ in the picture.

The content of the report was derived from a review of available data, and the analysis of birth registration inequality relied on the two most recent household Lao Social Statistics Surveys conducted by the LSB. Discrepancies and challenges in the process of data compilation and analysis arose and highlighted the need for more investment of time and effort to address them.

Assessing Inequalities: Fiji

Fiji CRVS Inequality Assessment Report: Assessing Inequalities in Registration of Births and Deaths in Fiji (PDF)

(Date of publication: July 2023)

Fiji is the first country, to our knowledge, to embark upon an in-depth quantitative inequality assessment, examining differentials by sex, age, ethnicity, and mother’s marital status. Information obtained from this assessment will be used to inform future research and policy interventions to bridge gaps in registration between different population groups in the country. This assessment primarily drew upon direct calculations of both registered and estimated births and deaths sourced from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) records and census enumeration data provided by The Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBoS). Birth registration completeness disaggregated by various socioeconomic characteristics as outlined in the 2021 Fiji Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), was also consulted.

Associated Policy Brief: Economic incentives have large positive impacts on birth registrations in Fiji (PDF)

In policy brief, there are discussions on key messages, the problem, solutions through economic incentives and recommendations.

AI template

Assessing inequalities in registration of births and deaths

Draft Report template (MS Word file)

Guidelines estimating completeness crvs

Guidelines for estimating completeness of civil registration of vital events (PDF)

These Guidelines have been prepared to support national statistical offices, ministries of health, and other relevant government and non-government agencies to better estimate the completeness of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems, in particular, the completeness of birth and death registration.