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30 July 2020 | By invitation only

The Working Group on Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development (WG on ITSD) is a subsidiary body under the UN Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia (SPECA), comprising senior policymakers, researchers, decision-makers, and implementers from the SPECA countries responsible for developing guidance and finding practical solutions to problems identified by the countries.

The WG provides a platform for sharing experiences and discussing issues within the SPECA framework. The consolidated recommendations of the webinar, as outcomes of the WG session, will be presented at the SPECA Governing Council (GC), tentatively scheduled on 20 November 2020.

ESCAP, in cooperation with ECE efforts and strategy, seeks to:

- establish new opportunities for the sharing of good practices among SPECA countries and of best practices by international experts on digital connectivity, as well as innovation policy for sustainable development.
- establish new opportunities for the sharing of experiences among SPECA countries in the implementation of digital inclusion, e-resilience and innovation projects targeting sustainable development.
- seek synergies among SPECA countries in their technology transfer activities and in the practical implementation of digital connectivity and innovation policy for inclusive and sustainable development.
- organize joint capacity-building events on digital connectivity, digital inclusion, and innovation policy for sustainable development.

Discussion points for next steps for:

a) Enhancing seamless digital connectivity for e-resilience under the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway (AP-IS) initiative;
b) the SPECA Innovation Strategy for Sustainable Development.

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