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28 July 2021 | By invitation only

The Inception Workshop for the initial roll out of the National SDG Tracker tool for the Pacific aimed to provide countries considering engaging in the project with the following opportunities:

  • Learn more about the Workshop Series objectives and approach, and seek clarification on issues
  • Enhance their understanding of the national indicator landscape, with some broad guidelines on best practices
  • Hear from other pacific countries on approaches adopted to produce national indicators, and thus monitor sustainable development progress
  • Learn more about the National SDG Tracker tool, and how it monitors national progress against the SDGs
  • Understand more about future work required throughout the workshop series, in particular requirements for workshop 2.

Important note: Participation in the Inception Workshop does not commit countries to engaging throughout the workshop series, which will be the countries decision.


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28 Jul 2021
Opening remarks
  • Iosefa Maiava (ESCAP Pacific Office – Head)
  • Epeli Waqavonovono (SPC Statistics for Development Division – Director)

Housekeeping/Guidelines for Workshop

Session 1: Introduction to the workshop series
  • Purpose of workshop series
  • Proposed approach: expected activities and outputs of the series
  • Timeline of activities

Country views/feedback

Session 2: Country approaches in developing National Indicator Frameworks for monitoring progress
  • A brief introduction to key features of indicator landscape
  • Country approach examples (Samoa & Fiji) – tbc:
    • What are main elements of Indicator Landscape?
    • Role of NSO?

Plenary discussion

Session 3: Overview of National SDG Tracker tool
  • Purpose of tool: what national needs it addresses?
  • Practical demonstration of tool
  • Different processes for adopting tool
    • Who is involved?
    • What key steps involved?
    • What are options?

Country views/feedback

Session 4: Next steps

Run through next steps countries need to take:

  • Plans for remaining workshop series: walk through next steps, expectation from participated countries and role of development partners
  • Preparation activities for workshop 2: Going through keep components of template and describe
  • Types of support on offer

Plenary discussion

Title Presenter PPT
Session 1: Introduction to Workshop Series Chris Ryan, ESCAP Pacific Office and Alison Culpin, Pacific Community
Session 2: Indicator Landscape Arman Bidarbakhtnia, Head, Statistical Data Management Unit, ESCAP Statistics Division
Session 2: Fiji Country Brief Mitieli Cama, Chief Statistician (Household Survey Division FBoS)
Session 2: Samoa Indicator Landscape Papalii Benjamin Sila, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Samoa Bureau of Statistics
Session 3: Overview of National SDG Tracker tool Dayyan Shayani, Associate Statistician, United Nations ESCAP
Session 4: Next Steps Chris Ryan, ESCAP Pacific Office

for more information, please contact

Statistics Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]
Subregional Office for the Pacific +679 331-9669 [email protected]
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