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Sustainability @ ESCAP

Our vision

“The UN as a Leader of Change and Innovation”

For the United Nations to be able to inspire and lead world governments towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), sustainability principles need to be fully integrated in the environmental management of our facilities and operations. Only by acting as “one”, the UN can meaningfully reduce its environmental impact and protect its host environments. Synergy and close collaboration among UN agencies on environmental sustainability is therefore the foundation of our environmental work at the UN Compound in Bangkok.

Sustainability at ESCAP

Sustainability team

The Environmental Management team at the UN Compound in Bangkok is a highly motivated and diverse team of UN staff working on greening their work environment. The team’s guiding principle is that every action counts and that each UN staff should play its part in preserving natural resources and protecting human and animal health.

The team consists of UN staff from different UN agencies present at the UN Compound in Bangkok to ensure a One-UN approach to environmental sustainability. A dedicated UN environmental management team coordinates this work and promotes a creative and participatory approach among all actors. The team strives to build synergies with local authorities and communities, the private sector, and NGOs to promote sustainable development practices locally and encourage greening and community-based initiatives