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The ESCAP Digital and Sustainable Regional Integration Index (DigiSRII), is an attempt to bring together the various dimensions of regional integration while also accounting for the growing importance of digital and sustainable development. Rather than emphasizing methodological issues related to developing the index and aggregating very different indicators, the work focuses on developing a global indicator framework for digital and sustainable regional integration, inspired by the indicator framework established to monitor progress of implementation of the sustainable development goals. The approach of DigiSRII recognizes that policymakers in different economies and regions may prioritize different areas of regional integration. As such, very simple aggregation techniques are adopted in building the index, making the index as transparent as possible, and providing a basis for policy analysts and makers to develop their own version using the underlying data, as they see fit.

If you would like to access the DigiSRII excel files, please fill up this short survey: The password required to access the DigiSRII excel files will be provided once you complete the survey.
Please cite this data as: ESCAP DigiSRII 1.0 database, accessed (month year), available at

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