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Transport Research and Education Network


With the objective of helping ESCAP member States achieve sustainable transport, a Transport Research and Education Network (TREN) has been created and launched at a side event during the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Transport held in December 2021. This network will provide the opportunity to policy makers of ESCAP member States, transport research, education and training institutes and other agencies to exchange on the research and training needs of the region on sustainable transport. In addition, the TREN will enable ESCAP member States to fulfill their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals through the education and training of human resources, as well as enhancing the access to cutting edge analytical studies and research findings on relevant issues

The TREN serves as a mechanism for coordination and knowledge exchange in order to further develop relevant and critical sustainable transport research and training.

The main purpose of the network is to facilitate regional networking and knowledge sharing among transport research institutions of ESCAP member States. This network will make use of existing online and offline tools for knowledge sharing and is meant to address the key means of implementation for sustainable development in the following thematic areas:

  • Transport connectivity and regional integration
  • Environmentally sustainable transport systems and services
  • Climate action in transport
  • Safe and inclusive transport and mobility
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ESCAP invites interested transport research, education and training institutes to join the network.

Please register here to become a member of the ESCAP TREN.

For further information, please contact: Ms. Wei-Shiuen Ng, Economic Affairs Officer, Email: [email protected]