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Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Business


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We are businesses of Asia and the Pacific creating infrastructure, technology, logistics, goods and services to improve people’s lives and to create a more sustainable and inclusive future.

We are committed to achieving the global goals agreed by world leaders in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

We are dedicated to working in partnership with businesses, governments and communities to achieve development that is sustainable.

We welcome the recognition by the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 26) that the world must move “into emergency mode” to address the urgent challenge of climate change, and we urge Governments to create clear and predictable policy frameworks that foster green innovation and transformation to net zero carbon emissions.

We will continue to align our business strategies with environmental, social and governance principles.

Our Asia-Pacific Green Deal can change the world, just as earlier industrial revolutions changed the world, by enabling new business models that create new and sustainable employment.


We urge our partners to join us in leading green transformation to secure our future

  • Green energy: advancing a zero carbon, affordable and resilient energy system
  • Green infrastructure and logistics: building smart, low carbon, water-secure and climate-resilient cities, buildings and other infrastructure, designed for walkability and low carbon mobility
  • Green finance: mobilizing public and private investment for green transformation in energy, infrastructure and logistics and other sustainable innovation for the new economy
  • Green innovation: accelerating and scaling up new technologies and applications to improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce environmental impact from the way we live, work, commute, trade and conduct business
  • Green production, consumption and waste: changing towards a more circular economy with new business and employment opportunities, to minimize environmental impact









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