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Asia-Pacific Environment and Development Futures in 2040

About this project

This project was initiated to respond to converging environment and development crises affecting millions across the region, and the realization that traditional planning and policymaking is ill-equipped to manage the whole of society and complex environment and development challenges.

During 2020, ESCAP’s Environment and Development Division worked with Professor Sohail Inayatullah, UNESCO Chair in Futures Studies and to (1) build staff capacity in foresight and (2) apply transformative futures methods to engage stakeholders in thinking about how to initiate and sustain change towards a desired future – one of a green, resilient and inclusive Asia and the Pacific.

Two multi-stakeholder foresight workshops were convened in late 2020. They were followed by internal workshopping, further discussions, and desk research helped to enrich and deepen the insights from the workshop.  The result was a set of scenarios and a timeline for action.

In line with the Secretary General’s report “Our Common Agenda”, ESCAP will leverage this work towards re-invigorated multilateralism. 

Download the full report here