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Digitalization of Transport

This thematic area contributes to the achievement of all three overarching objectives identified by the Regional Action Programme on Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific (2022-2026). ESCAP’s main focus under this thematic area is on the digital transformation of transport in Asia and the Pacific. This includes, among others, smart transport and intelligent transport systems which have attracted growing interest over the past few decades as means to make transport safer, cleaner and more efficient.

ESCAP uses technology, innovation, automation, digitalization, regional and multi-stakeholder cooperation, data analysis and technical assistance tools to address:

  1. Wider deployment of smart transport systems to improve the efficiency, resilience as well as social and environmental sustainability of transport.
  2. Increased awareness of innovative technologies and use of big data to improve traffic and other urban transport issues.
  3. Interconnection of maritime and port systems.
  4. Shift towards regional transport networks with smart transport systems, among others.