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Evidence-Based Policies for Sustainable Use of Energy in Asia and the Pacific : Tonga

The Government of Tonga places particular importance on renewable energy and energy efficiency to obtain energy sustainability, security and affordability. The project has supported capacities in data gathering, analysis and tracking capacity, as well as, energy modelling and scenario building which is expected to greatly contribute to Tonga’s evidence base. It laid further foundations for developing a framework for energy data collection in coordination with relevant stakeholders, thereby building on the previous work done by the Pacific Regional Data Repository (PRDR).

This may serve as basis for future collaboration with other international organizations working in similar areas. The project paid specific attention to the institutionalization of evidence-based policy-making. Several activities and workshops were conducted covering topics such as centralizing data collection, creating energy balance tables and utilizing data through econometric techniques to support new or revised energy policies. This work will help guide the revision of Tonga’s Energy Roadmap which previously sets a target to achieve 50% renewable power generation. It will also lay further groundwork for its NDC’s.

Reports and Other Materials:

  1. Utilization of Energy Data for Tonga’s Future Energy Scenarios and Policy Planning
  2.  Energy Data Collection in Tonga – Processes, challenges and opportunities

Find more information on Tonga’s policy highlights and energy data on ESCAP's website


Pacific Community (SPC) in Stakeholder Consultation Workshop,
in Tonga, 9 October 2018.

Training on Integration of Informational Resources into the Decision-Making Process,
at MEIDECC, 10-11 October 2018.