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Evidence-Based Policies for Sustainable Use of Energy in Asia and the Pacific : Kazakhstan

The Government of Kazakhstan adopted the Green Economy Concept in May 2013. Transition to the Green Economy scenario requires additional policy measures, supported by quality data and improved technical capacities of policy makers. In line with Kazakhstan’s Green Economy Concept commitments and the vision under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) National Action Plan, with the support of Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, ESCAP conducted two studies aimed at providing policy recommendations and presentation of the socio-economic and environmental benefits of heat pumps technology exploitation and crop residues utilization for Kazakhstan.

Special attention was given to the existing regulations in Kazakhstan and identifying challenges and opportunities of moving towards the installation of heat pumps and how to develop further Energy Policy to boost the crop residues utilization for production of bio-heat in Kazakhstan. Workshop consultation and capacity building session gathered environmental and energy sector policymakers, authorities and other relevant stakeholders together to increase understanding of current policy framework of low carbon heating sector in Kazakhstan and EU, and to learn from regional and global experiences based on best available technologies.

Reports and Other Materials:

  1. Review of the Kazakhstan transition to the Green Economy scenario through increasing the share of renewable heat in energy balance – Heat Pump technologies |English|Russian|
  2. Review of the Kazakhstan transition to the Green Economy scenario through increasing the share of renewables in energy balance – Converting agricultural residues to bio-heat |English|Russian|

Find more information on Kazakhstan's policy highlights and energy data on ESCAP's website


Site Visit to Green Center “Arnasay” within Capacity Building
on Renewable Energy Solutions and Market
Republic of Kazakhstan. 27 September 2019.

Capacity Building on Renewable energy solutions and market:
Low carbon housing sector solutions & Low carbon solutions for agricultural sector,
Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. 27 September 2019.

III International Renewable Energy Summit within Kazakhstan Energy Week 2019,
Nur-Sultan, Republic of Kazakhstan

Consultation Session on Review of the Transition of Kazakhstan to Green Economy
Through Increasing the Share of Renewables in the Heating Sector,
Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. 24 September 2019.