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Many countries across the Asia-Pacific region are experiencing rapid population ageing and increased rates of chronic disease, leading to greater demand for high-quality, accessible and affordable health-care services for their growing numbers of older persons. The objective of this guidebook is to provide policymakers and other key stakeholders in the region with a resource for the formulation of innovative solutions to address these demographic shifts and related health-care challenges. The focus of the guidebook is on applying information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enable equitable access to high-quality health-care services for older persons facing chronic diseases. It also aims to see how ICTs, can benefit older persons, given demographic, social and economic changes and the future of work in Asia and the Pacific, especially in the health-care sector. Hence the current and expected impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution play a significant role in shaping how policies are planned and implemented.

An Op-ed of the Executive Secretary on “Digital equity for all ages” can be found here.

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