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08 to 09 November 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

This workshop is part of the on-going efforts of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) to support Asia-Pacific developing countries in enhancing subnational public resource mobilization. Such efforts are needed to effectively pursue the Sustainable Development Goal 11 on sustainable cities and to meet the region’s enormous urbanization financing needs. 

The workshop is organized by UN-ESCAP in partnership with the ADB, UCLG-ASPAC, UNCDF, UN-DESA and UNDP. The objective is to provide in-depth knowledge on local fiscal governance aspects and revenue mobilization options for Asia-Pacific cities, through expert presentations and analysis of three representative metropolitan city cases in the region (Beijing, China; Mumbai, India; and Manila, the Philippines). It also aims to facilitate knowledge sharing between participating policy makers and experts, and provide participating policy makers with a diagnostic thinking framework to analyse municipal public finance issues and reform options in their own countries.

The two-day workshop will comprise three modules. Module A focuses on expert presentations, where participants will learn a diagnostic framework on municipal public finance strategies and acquire knowledge on best practices on a number of priority topics. Module B focuses on group learning through specific city cases, where participants will discuss the three in-depth case studies on Beijing, Mumbai and Manila. This will allow them to apply the knowledge acquired and analyse the three cases under the guidance of experts. Module C is devoted to further knowledge sharing and practice, where participants will present on municipal public finance situations in their own countries and exchange ideas on potential reform options. More details can be found in Concept Note. 

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