Seminar on "Investing in SDGs: Thinking beyond GDP Growth"

20 Jan 2020
New Delhi, India
By invitation only

Facilitated by rapid economic growth, the Asia-Pacific region has seen tremendous economic and social progress over the past several decades. Among other indicators this is reflected in higher average income levels and considerable reduction in extreme poverty. However, preoccupation with economic growth has come at the cost of rising inequalities and environmental degradation. Worryingly, analysis conducted by ESCAP shows that the region is unlikely to reach most SDGs by 2030 in a business-as-usual scenario. There is an urgent need to shift the mindset and policy direction and raise our ambitions beyond economic growth.

This seminar will share ESCAP’s analytical framework that provides estimates on investment needs for achieving the SDGs. The meeting will highlight that having such estimates of investment needs, along with a range of policy interventions needed to implement the SDGs, is the first step for countries to devise appropriate economic policies and financing strategies, both in terms of resource mobilization and in the allocation of these resources across different investment areas.