PSIDS Voluntary National Review (VNR) Capacity Building Workshop

26 Sep 2018 to 27 Sep 2018
Nadi , Fiji

Objectives of the workshop
The Workshop to be implemented is being co-organized by UNDESA, UN-ESCAP and UNDP and will focus on:
(i) Building capacity for national implementation of the 2030 Agenda and SDGs and linking it to regional and global processes;
(ii) Building capacity to identify necessary steps to present voluntary national reviews at the HLPF 2019 including utilizing the voluntary guidelines of the UN Secretary-General and the 2018 Handbook for the Preparation of Voluntary National Reviews;
(iii) Identifying best strategies to conduct national-level preparations for VNRs, taking into account PSIDS national circumstances;
(iv) Building capacity to identify best strategies to define regional commonalities and lessons learned to benefit national follow-up and review, recognizing the PSIDS national ownership and existing regional cooperation initiatives; and
(v) Identifying ways to find the best scope and format of the national voluntary review at HLPF 2018 that would be most conducive to best present national priorities and foster exchange of experiences and lessons learned.

Expected Outcomes
At the conclusion of the Workshop, participants are expected to have enhanced their knowledge and capacity in identifying key regional issues, challenges and opportunities impacting their country’s capacity to promote and ensure inclusivity and equality as they seek broad-based sustainable development while confronted by climate change and increased threats from natural disasters. Moreover, it is expected that also at the conclusion of the Workshop, participants would have enhanced and strengthened their capacity and ability to conduct national follow up and review of their implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs through identification of best tools and strategies, in particular, representatives of countries presenting VNRs in 2019