Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals: Meeting to identify Asia-Pacific regional and sub-regional priorities

21 Sep 2015 to 23 Sep 2015
Bangkok, Thailand

This meeting was organized to identify Asia-Pacific regional and sub-regional priorities for SDG monitoring with the participation of leaders and senior managers of national statistical systems and members of the global Inter-agency Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs) from the region and development partners.

The objectives of this Asia-Pacific consultation were:
(i) To clarify the IAEG-SDGs process to member States and agree on methods for providing future feedback to the IAEG-SDGs members from non-member countries;
(ii) To facilitate an exchange among ESCAP member States on their priority issues for consideration as part of the global monitoring framework.

As a result of the meeting, Asia-Pacific countries are expected to:
1. Be informed on (i) the context and process for developing a global indicator framework and a list of indicators for monitoring SDGs; (ii) the criteria for selecting indicators; (iii) cross-cutting issues across goals and targets such as disaggregation and; (iv) possible monitoring arrangements so as to have an understanding of “who does what” to implement the global monitoring framework;
2. Formulate their inputs at the subregional level on the list of proposed indicators to be taken to the second meeting of the IAEG-SDGs which will take place on 26-28 October in Bangkok;
3. Identify key elements of developing an indicator framework to support regional monitoring and review of the SDGs;
4. Identify statistical capacity building requirements corresponding to SGDs monitoring;
5. Agree on modalities for providing inputs to the IAEG members in the future.

Beyond the contributions to the deliberations of the global IAEG-SDGs, the meeting is expected to produce inputs for the related regional forums; namely the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development and the ESCAP Committee on Statistics.

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