Forum on Responsible Business Practices for Sustainable Water Management on Resort Islands

1 Dec 2017
Phuket, Thailand

The purpose of the Forum is to share best practices, policies and solutions to ensure sustainable water and wastewater management in island tourism locations in South-East Asia, with a focus on the role and responsibilities of resort hotels. It will provide a platform to discuss the practices by large resorts and share examples of innovative technical solutions for both large and small resorts. Participants will also discuss how public-private dialogue and collaboration can help advance progress in addressing the water/wastewater issue in tourism-heavy water scare areas, and how such actions can help towards the promotion of islands as sustainable tourism destinations.

Organized in collaboration with the Marriott Thailand Business Council, this event takes place during the ESCAP Sustainable Development Goals Week 2017, which will provide input to the annual 2018 Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development.

The event is open to participation from all stakeholders, including business, governments and civil society. It will be held in English, without interpretation. To attend, please register by 28 November 2017 through online registration.

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