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20 October 2020 | Open meeting


Celebrate World Statistics Day by recognizing the strength of the regional community of statisticians using the Regional Programme for Economic Statistics as an example.


  1. Open Stats Café: Ms. Rikke Munk Hansen
  2. Celebratory message: Ms. Gemma Van Halderen
  3. How regional support for statistics is impacting on development in Bhutan: observations from the United Nations Country Representative: Mr. Gerald Daly
  4. Reactions from the audience / importance of trust and connections
  5. How new price indices in Bhutan have increased trust: Mr. Penjor Gyeltshen
  6. Connections between countries: Replicating Bhutan’s approach in Laos PDR: Ms. Salika Chanthalavong
  7. Discussant (reflections on how regional and national connections help to build trust): Mr. Chris Pike
  8. Open discussion, Closing remarks: Mr. Gerald Daly and Ms. Gemma Van Halderen

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