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30 September 2022, 10:00 - 11:00 Indochina Time / Bangkok | Open meeting

SIDE EVENT: Policy Dialogue on 'Towards a Forward-Looking Agenda for Sustainable Inter-Regional Transport Linkages between Central Asia and Southern Asia'

Third Ministerial Conference on Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok and Online, 28-30 September 2022


Cross-border transport connectivity is important for any RECI initiative. ESCAP ES has expressed those collaborative efforts are made by SROs on such issues. This event will take stock of important regional transport connectivity initiatives in Central Asia and Southern Asia and identify gaps in implementation of transport infrastructure and policy reforms.  It will also explore key opportunities for promoting and sustaining regional transport connectivity initiatives and trade and transport facilitation reforms in current context.  

It is expected that the discussions will lead to future work on harmonization of transport documentation, allied procedural reforms based on modern policy tools and global best practices covering various aspects of transport operations to deliver RECI's effectiveness.


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Subregional Office for South and South-West Asia +91 11 3097 3700 [email protected]
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