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05 May 2022, 18:00 - 19:15 Indochina Time / Bangkok | Open meeting

About the Webinar:

Trade and trade policy used to be labelled as gender-blind until just a few years back. Now increasingly they are seen as gender-responsive. One of the key factors contributing to this transformation (or, rather,  awakening) is capacity of researchers to provide evidence about gender-differentiated impacts of trade and trade policy changes, including those incorporated in the free trade agreements (FTAs).

This session of ARTNeT webinar will present two initiatives developed to increase quality of research and their findings and thus contributing to better (more effective) policies towards women’s economic empowerment through trade.  

The ex-ante gender impact assessment that Canada carries out through Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) has become widely recognized tool to foresee the impact on women and guide the new policy and especially trade agreements towards more desirable outcomes.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has developed an excellent new framework of analysis on trade and gender to help guide the development of more robust, evidence-based domestic and trade policies to address gender disparities.


Georgina Wainwright-Kemdirim, Special Advisor, Inclusive Trade, Global Affairs Canada.

Jane Korinek, Economist, Trade in Services Division, Trade and Agriculture Directorate, OECD



Mia Mikic, ARTNeT / WomeninARTNeT and Vanika Sharma, ECIPE

Further readings (or click on "Documents" tab):

1. Jane Korinek, Evdokia Moïsé, Jakob Tange (2021) Trade and Gender: A Framework of Analysis, OECD Trade Policy Paper, No. 246, March  expires=1650536512&id=id&accname=guest&checksum=18D3E0F93DDAA57CE64384DEF8233F0C

2. Canada’s Trade Policy and GBA Plus website

3. APEC Case StudyCanada's application of GBA Plus to a trade negotiation

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