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02 to 03 December 2021 | By invitation only

This year has seen a greater push towards climate action, as the global economy still grapples with the impacts of COVID-19. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the current climate crisis is a ‘code red for humanity’ and urgently called for bold and decisive action against climate change. The energy sector is key to achieving the targets set out in the Paris Agreement given it accounts for three quarters of today’s global greenhouse gas emissions.

Greater subregional cooperation and energy market integration can support national measures immensely through efficient allocation of resources and economies of scale. Furthermore, subregional cooperation can promote investment and incentives for increasing the use of renewable energy as well as research and development in areas such as green hydrogen and carbon capture and storage technologies.

Against this background, the NEARPIC Forum 2021 is being organized to assess the outcome of COP-26 from the perspectives of North-East Asian countries and to look into opportunities for strengthening power interconnection as a strategy for achieving carbon neutrality in the subregion. The Forum will also take an in-depth look at Japan’s roadmap for energy transition with the goal of promoting the potential for regional power interconnection as a feasible option for reducing GHG emissions in Japan. In addition, the Forum will discuss ESCAP’s project on North-East Asia Green Power Corridor Roadmap, which will closely examine the energy landscape in the subregion and propose feasible pathways for regional power interconnections using renewable sources of energy. 

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