4 Aug 2014

We must harness the energies, resources and expertise of Rising Asia-Pacific. No other region is better-placed to wipe out extreme poverty, eliminate hunger, eradicate disease, or has shown greater resilience to multiple external shocks. No other generation of leaders has borne greater responsibility for the future of our people and our planet.

24 Jul 2014

Among Asia Pacific developing countries, there is need to promote awareness of resource-efficient, cost-effective and socially inclusive alternative development patterns compared to the conventional “grow first and clean up later” approaches. There is also a need to promote innovative economic instruments, such as carbon taxes. Intervention in resource pricing mechanisms, especially if implemented at the appropriate level, has the potential to create a wide variety of economic, social and environmental co-benefits.

18 Jul 2014

The ethic of service above self and the ethos of upliftment are at the heart of both Nelson Mandela Day and the work of the United Nations in every region of the world - none more so than right here in Asia and the Pacific.

10 Jun 2014

Development requirements have, thus far, been under-served by the Asia-Pacific financial system. Investments in sustainable development could cost as much as $2.5 trillion per year just to close the region’s infrastructure gaps, provide universal access to social protection, health, and education, and implement measures to mitigate climate change. This represents, however, only a fraction of the vast savings held in the region, which should be mobilized to finance sustainable development.

10 Jun 2014

The recent global financial crisis once again drew the international community’s attention to the need for economic and financial stability, to support higher and sustainable economic growth. Financing sustainable development demands of us to look beyond trade-offs and enhance synergies among the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development for the future we want.

5 Jun 2014

China is already leading the way on regional economic growth, trade, transport and many other areas. It has also taken ever greater steps to lead on issues such as environmentalstewardship and social welfare systems. As we move into the post-2015 development agenda, and begin to firmly address the shared challenges of our region, we are also looking to China to champion the cause of greater regional connectivity, integration and cooperation for the mutual benefit of all the people of Asia and the Pacific.

23 May 2014

The secretariat will spare no effort to implement, in the most efficient and timely manner possible, the decisions that the Commission has made at this first phase of the 70th session. In this regard, we look forward to the holding of the second phase of the Commission session from 4 to 8 August, here at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok.