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Technological advances have increased the potential uses of population registers for producing statistics. At the same time, greater demand for timely and disaggregated data amplifies interest in population registers as a source of statistical data. This brief will examine the how population registers can be used to produce vital statistics, looking at the historical and current context, the role of population registers within the National Statistical System, integration with other data sources, linkages with the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system, and the production of vital statistics. Case studies and recommendations for improvement are included within the brief.

This Stat Brief is issued without formal editing. It is prepared by Gloria Mathenge, The Pacific Community, Petra Nahmias, Chief of Population and Social Statistics Section, ESCAP Statistics Division, Tanja Sejersen, Statistician, ESCAP Statistics Division and Afsaneh Yazdani, Statistician, ESCAP Statistics Division. Views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect ESCAP or any UN agency.

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