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The 17 SDGs adopted by United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2015 are a universal consensus to end poverty, eradicate inequality, protect the globe, tackle the climate change and make sure that all people of the planet enjoy peace and prosperity. Maldives as a signatory to the SDGs has shown commitment towards implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Given the interconnectedness of the Goals, eradicating all challenges will be a daunting task for the government alone. In this context, the paper seeks to identify challenges/bottlenecks in terms of policy alignment, institutional structure, financing, partnership and stakeholder participation and data deficit and explore areas of regional cooperation to support SDG delivery. With a strategic and fruitful policy agenda, the challenges can be addressed and implementation accelerated through multi-stakeholder partnerships with policy makers, institutions, philanthropists, Financial Institutions etc. Scope exists for further analysis on each goal and separate targets of the SDGs in the context of the country to identify specific aspects.

JEL Code(s): Q01, O11, O20, F55, Q56
Key words: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Inclusive growth, Regional Cooperation, South Asia, Maldives

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