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This paper presents the Asian Active Ageing Index (AAI), with a focus on countries in South-East Asia, especially Indonesia and Thailand. It also seeks to recommend the Index for use by other countries of the Asian and Pacific region by adapting it to the Asia-Pacific context and taking into consideration factors such as the role of older persons in the society, changing norms and the informal nature of contributions of older persons to their families and communities. A review of the literature and various theoretical frameworks is presented to provide context to the development of the Asian AAI, while it is noted that the Asian AAI revisits the choice of indicators and revises the aggregation methods previously used in the European Union version of the AAI. Subsequently, the Asia AAI is explained, and the results are presented from applying it to Indonesia and Thailand across a wide array of parameters, yielding overall values as well as those specific to certain domains, such as such as employment, social participation and independent living. The paper concludes with a discussion on the Index and its application and a series of policy recommendations focusing on the domains of healthy ageing, financial security and enabling environment for active ageing.

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