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Investing in decarbonized energy solutions with universal energy access can create jobs, make economies more competitive and steer the world towards a more resilient and sustainable future. To recover better, healthier and stronger, governments can put clean energy technologies at the heart of their postCOVID-19 economic recovery plans, with enhanced Nationally Determined Contributions as the guide.

This third compilation of SDG 7 Policy Briefs, has been prepared to inform critically important discussions at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in July 2020.

The Policy Brief 2020: Advancing SDG7 in Asia and the Pacific was prepared by ESCAP in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank and the custodian agencies for the SDG 7 indicators. The Policy Brief provides the review at the progress achieved to date in the Asia-Pacific region towards global energy targets on access to electricity, clean cooking, renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Policy Brief also provides the key messages for policymakers in the region. It was prepared as an input to the compilation of the thematic and regional SDG 7 Policy Briefs in support of the High-Level Political Forum 2020, the Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs, the implementation of the UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All 2014-2024 and other related processes.

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