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Contributions of space technology, digital innovations and geospatial information applications in addressing sustainable development in the region, and the potential for further development of these innovative technologies as a means of implementation that can help to further stimulate sustainable development efforts in the region, have been recognized by members and associate members of ESCAP.

The Asia-Pacific region is rapidly evolving into a hub of innovation as advances in digital technologies will transform the way in which people live, work and relate to one another. Through the Ministerial Declaration of the third Ministerial Conference on Space Applications for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific, held on 10 October 2018, members and associate members of ESCAP decided to work together to promote regional cooperation in geospatial information applications and to foster the sharing of good practices and lessons learned to ensure coherence with global, regional and national frameworks and commitments.

This paper contains good practices and far-reaching solutions to pressing issues facing humanity; ranging from health, education, food security, agriculture, climate change, energy and natural resources management to disaster risk reduction and resilience-building. It also highlights emerging trends on geospatial technology and information applications for the Sustainable Development Goal’s in Asia and the Pacific.  

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