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During the past several decades, science and technology parks (STPs) in Asia have witnessed rapid development. This is reflected not only in the emergence of new STPs, but also in the successes of some prominent STPs in the region. With the current level of economic development in the region, Governments may perceive STPs as a means of upgrading production, promoting collaboration in research and innovation, and climbing global value chains. Therefore, it is likely that more STPs will be established by many developing countries in Asia and the Pacific. On the other hand, the challenge of establishing and managing successful STPs must not be underestimated. Even in developed or advanced economies, questions are frequently raised about the effectiveness of STPs.

This guidebook reviews the historical development of STPs and discusses how they fit into the national policies in the region. It serves as a reference source for policymakers in charge of policy or planning related to the development of STPs in Asia and the Pacific.

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