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The Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific is a peer-reviewed journal published once a year by the Transport Division (TD) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The main objectives of the Bulletin are to provide a medium for the sharing of knowledge, experience, ideas, policy options and information on the development of transport infrastructure and services in the Asia-Pacific region; to stimulate policy-oriented research; and to increase awareness of transport policy issues and responses.

The current issue focuses on the theme of “Sustainable Rural Access”. The five papers included in this issue consider different interesting aspects of the subject.

Article 1. Provision of rural transport services: user needs, practical constraints and policy issues by Paul Starkey;

Article 2. Impacts of rural roads on poverty and equity by Niklas Sieber and Heather Allen;

Article 3. Impacts of rural accessibility on women empowerment: The case of Southwest Bangladesh by Saleh Ahmed and Kh Md Nahiduzzaman;

Article 4. Financing rural transport services: implications for the Asia-Pacific region by John Hine, Cornie Huizenga and Karl Peet;

Article 5. The dissemination and embedment of applied rural transport research by J.R. Cook, L. Sampson, P. Starkey and C. Visser.

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