Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, No. 84 "Transport Services"

Journal12 Dec 2014

Transport services are vital for facilitating the implementation of government policies. An organized public transport service system provides a mechanism for delivering social services, particularly health care and education, to the broader population, including those living in rural areas, which often tend to be poor and in most need of those services. Government policies in terms of budget allocation and fare-setting affect the quality of transport services. Transport services may be subsidized by the government in order to make them affordable to the poor, but this can result in a large fiscal burden on the government and inefficient or poor public transport services. Therefore, instead of generating social benefits and improving welfare, the overall impact would be a social burden on the population, which can constrain growth of other sectors and limit the provision of social services. The needs and capacity of society can affect the transport system. For example, growth of the tourism industry can facilitate progress in the transport service sector and demand for health and education services can lead to better public transport systems.

This Bulletin presents the state of transport services in selected countries, the circumstances that shaped the development of those transport service systems, and their impact on the communities that they serve. It consists of five studies:

a. Transport, health services and budget allocation to address maternal mortality in rural Indonesia by Edriana Noerdin;

b. Transport services in the Maldives – an unmet need for health service delivery by Maimoona Aboobakuru;

c. Enhancing the sustainability and inclusiveness of Metro Manila’s urban transportation systems: Proposed fare and policy reforms by Andra Charis Mijares, Madan Regmi and Tesuo Yai;

d. A case study on establishing and running a community bus service in rural Sri Lanka by Ranjith de Silva; and

e. Saving lives through rural ambulance services: experiences from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states, India by A Xavier Raj.