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Freight transport has not received sufficient attention within sustainable transport development initiatives despite its large environmental footprint, its huge consumption of natural and financial resources, and the volumes of waste and pollution created. A body of “good practices” is however emerging in the sector. The challenge is to advocate and implement such practices. In order to support advocacy and implementation of initiatives, there is also a need to develop indicators that can effectively measure their eco-efficiency and sustainability. This issue of the Bulletin considers some of the good practices from different countries as well as identifies a range of policies that are available to governments and suggests some specific measures that could be undertaken in implementing these policies.

The Bulletin comprises of five articles:

Article 1: Enhancing the Sustainability of Urban Freight Transport and Logistics - by Michael Browne and Julian Allen

Article 2: Urban Freight Transport Eco-Efficiency and Sustainability: Policies and Indicators - by Steve Meyrick

Article 3: Review of Good Practices in Urban Freight Transportation - by Wisinee Wisetjindawat

Article 4: Reducing Emission from Road Freight: Experience in China - by Yan Peng

Article 5: City Logistics: Policy Measures Aimed at Improving Urban Environment through Organization and Efficiency in Urban Logistics Systems in Asia - by Hussein S. Lidasan