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Funds available from government budgetary allocations are often significantly less than the amount required to maintain the road network of a country. Faced with this problem, governments have taken various alternative measures to secure funding. One of these alternative measures is the establishment of a dedicated road fund. Governments in many countries have set up such funds as a sustainable mechanism for financing the needs of their road sectors. The articles included in this volume consider some of the dedicated road funds established in Asia and the Pacific region, Latin America and the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. The articles discuss the management structure and operational aspects of these funds, lessons learned from their operation and important policy issues related to financing of road maintenance and long-term sustainability of road funds.

This issue of Bulletin comprises of six articles:

Article 1: Road funds: Sustainable financing and management of Latin America’s Roads - by Gunter Zietlow;

Article 2: Experience in reforms of road maintenance financing and management in sub-Saharan Africa - by Stephen Brushett;

Article 3: Road funds: A case study of sustainable road maintenance in India - by D.P. Gupta;

Article 4: Roads Board Nepal: A sustainable approach to road maintenance management - by Dipak Nath Chalise;

Article 5: Sustainable financing for the maintenance of Pakistan’s Highways - by Major Gen. Farrukh Javed; and

Article 6: Financing roads in the United Republic of Tanzania: Challenges and strategies - by J.O. Haule.