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This issue contains articles on policy aspects of Private Sector Participation/ Public-Private Partnerships development in China, India and Malaysia. The article on China discusses the current status and experiences of private sector participation in road development schemes in China. The article on Indian initiatives reviews government policies for the maritime, air, road and railway sub-sectors. The last article discusses various measures taken by the Government of Malaysia to liberalize the haulage industry.

This issue of Bulletin comprises of five articles:

Article 1: Private sector participation in the road sector in China - by Makoto Ojiro;

Article 2: Maritime and air transport services: India’s approach to privatization - by Arpita Mukherjee and Ruchika Sachdeva;

Article 3: Private sector participation in the transport sector in India - by B.N. Puri;

Article 4: Liberalization of the container haulage industry in Malaysia - by Tengku Jamaluddin Bin Tengku Mahmud Shah Al-haj; and

Article 5: Information Note: Innovative approach in attracting private sector investment in infrastructure: Experience of Bangladesh.