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The theme chosen for this issue (No. 70) is logistics for the efficient transportation of domestic goods. Four articles which focus on some of the issues in domestic transport logistics and two good practices in the region have been selected. The first discusses some general issues in the logistics area and suggests actions to address them. The second discusses the possible gains in environmental improvement through reductions in emissions from the road transport sector at the macro level by improving efficiency in the logistics sector in the Republic of Korea. The third and fourth are on good practices in logistics in Thailand, one in the rural area and one in the urban area. All the articles are policy oriented.

Article 1: Governments and industry working together to implement modern logistics – by Des Powell;

Article 2: Improving efficiency in the logistics sector for sustainable transport development in the Republic of Korea – by Sungwon Lee;

Article 3: Assessing the transportation problems of the sugar cane industry in Thailand – by Paitoon Chetthamrongchai, Aroon Auansakul and Decha Supawan; and

Article 4: The effects of public truck terminal policies on air pollution in the Bangkok metropolitan area – by Kiyoshi Takahashi and Ackchai Sirikupanichkul.