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The theme chosen for this issue of the Bulletin is urban transport in the Asian and Pacific region. Space is limited, but an attempt has been made to select topics that focus on some of the urban transportation issues in the region, such as traffic impact mitigation for new developments, sustainable transport and air pollution. It is hoped that these articles will increase awareness of policy implications and generate further debate.

This issue of Bulletin comprises of four articles:

Articles 1: Traffic impact mitigation for new developments: a way to reduce traffic congestion in major cities - by Kazunori Hokao and Shihana Sulaiha Mohamed;

Articles 2: A “step” towards sustainable transport: a case study of Penang, Malaysia - by Ganesh Rasagam;

Articles 3: Towards a sustainable urban transport system: planning for non-motorized vehicles in cities - by Geetam Tiwari; and

Articles 4: Air quality in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam - by Hiep Nguyen Duc.