Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, No. 56

Journal21 Dec 1984

The Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific is a journal published once a year. The Bulletin is intended to provide a medium for the sharing of knowledge, experience, ideas, policy options and information on the development of transport infrastructure and services in the Asian and Pacific region, to stimulate policy-oriented research and to increase awareness of transport policy issues and responses.

This issue of Bulletin comprises of eight chapters:

Chapter I: Transport and Communications Decade for Asia and the Pacific, 1985-1994

Chapter II: Review of Alternative Sources of Energy in the Transport Sector

Chapter III: Improvement Potential of Non-Motorized Transport

Chapter IV: Feasibility Study for the Electrification of the Bangkok-Chiang Mai - Line of the State Railway of Thailand (RSR)

Chapter V: Electrification of railways in the USSR

Chapter VI: The Advantages for the Community of Railway High Speeds

Chapter VII: How income and other Socio-Economic Factors Influence Telephone, Television and Radio Usage by Households in Urban and Rural Areas

Chapter VIII: Guidelines for Intercountry Harmonization for:
A. Measurement of Economic Impact of Tourism by Input-Output Analysis; and
B. Application of Input-Output Analysis on Tourism Policy Formulation