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The Regional Trends Report on Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific will further accelerate knowledge-sharing within the region by providing an additional platform for member States to share their experiences, through case studies, regarding the energy sector and its future development.

Through the Asia Pacific Energy Portal and Regional Energy Trends Report, ESCAP is attempting to reinforce the foundation for enhanced knowledge-sharing and engagement from ESCAP member-States regarding the energy sector. The value of these two pillars of the Support Mechanism is derived mainly from member States’ inputs as these products rely on current policy and statistical data from within the region.

At the Policy Dialogue 2015 on December 1-2, the second annual Regional Trends Report will be discussed in advance of its publication in February, 2016. It is expected that member States will provide further guidance to the secretariat in making the Regional Trends Report even more relevant to facilitate the implementation of the outcomes of the APEF.

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