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Least Developed Countries and Trade: Challenges of Implementing the Bali Package (Studies in Trade and Investment No. 83)

This monograph explores the challenges faced in implementing the Bali package by LDCs in WTO. It provides an analysis of the key decisions, and identifies opportunities and, in certain cases, outlines strategies for assessing the impacts. The important aspects of this publication relate to policy advisory with regard to the preparedness of LDCs as a group for successful negotiations at WTO. At the same time, given the high trade costs facing the LDCs, the study rightly suggests that they must capitalize on the successful implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement. Moreover, the study identifies the gaps in LDC capacities, and articulates the needs in terms of national and regional policies as well as capacity-building programmes for helping them to implement the Ministerial decisions in favour of the LDCs. The study also draws attention to what should be done towards achieving the finalization of the Doha Development Agenda Work Programme and the ongoing WTO negotiations.

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