Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East 1952

Flagship20 Apr 1952

The Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East 1952 is the sixth in a series of annual economic reports prepared by the Research and Statistics Division of the Secretariat of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East. This report, together with the quarterly Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Far East, are intended to serve the needs of the Commission and to help in the task of reporting on world economic conditions which the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations has entrusted to the Department of Economic Affairs.

The Survey is published on the responsibility of the Secretariat and the views expressed in it should not be attributed to the Commission or to its member Governments.

The Commission at its eighth session felt that it would be valuable for future sessions of the Commission to open with a discussion on the economic situation of the region; such discussion to be based on the most recent Survey. In accordance with the above view of the Commission, the date of publication of the present Survey has been brought forward to February instead of August. In the meantime, a provisional edition in English and French (not including the Introduction) was distributed to Governments on 15 December 1952 for the ninth session of the Commission at the beginning of February.

The present Survey, while following more or less the same pattern of treatment as in earlier editions, is however confined mainly to the developments during the first half of the year, though subsequent developments have been noted wherever data are available. Because of the change in the date of publication, the present Survey is also being issued as Volume 3, No. 3, of the Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Far East. The statistical series and trade agreements as regularly published in the Bulletin are given at the end of this Survey and will be continued in future numbers of the Bulletin.