Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East 1950

Flagship3 Apr 1950

The Economic Survey of Asia and the Far East, 1950 is divided into two parts. Part I deals with the more general and basic factors of development and includes chapters on resources, income and economic development problems and trends. Part II reviews developments of the current year in the spheres of agricultural and industrial production, transport, international trade and payments, money and finance, including the problem of emerging new inflationary pressures in the region.

The increasing interest taken by the Commission in the Survey has resulted in a corresponding manifestation of desire on the part of the governments of the region to supply more extensive material covering their economies, and the contacts between the Secretariat staff and the officials nominated by the governments to assist in furnishing data have been of great value in this respect. The publication of the section on Asian Economic Statistics in the quarterly Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Far East has encouraged a more regular flow to the Secretariat of statistics, both published and unpublished, from governments and international organizations. Burma, Ceylon, Malaya, Pakistan and the Philippines have all initiated new comprehensive statistical publications which help to meet the urgent need for up-to-date statistical material on their respective economies. The fields in which statistical material was more complete or up to date in 1950 than in preceding years include transport, foreign trade, balance of payments, and currency and credit.

The present Survey, like previous ones, is the co-operative work of all the substantive Divisions working in collaboration with the Research and Statistics Division of the Secretariat. Acknowledgements are due for the assistance rendered by the several Divisions of the Department of Economic Affairs and the Department of Social Affairs as well as by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the International Labour Office and other specialized agencies.