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Asia-Pacific Population Journal Volume 27 was released in 2012.

  • Volume 27 No. 1
    • Twenty-five years of transition in Asia’s population and development: A review of progress and potential. By K.S. Seetharam
    • Empowerment of women and its impact on population. By Leela Visaria
    • Youth and their changing economic roles in Asia. By Andrew Mason and Sang-Hyop Lee
    • Changing family sizes, structures and functions in Asia. By Gavin Jones
    • Migration and Asia: reflections and continuities and change. By Ronald Skeldon
    • Repositioning population research and policy in Asia: new issues and new opportunities. By Peter J. Donaldson and Geoffrey McNicoll
  • Volume 27 No. 2
    • The role of the public and private sectors in responding to older persons’ needs for inpatient care: evidence from Kerala, India. By Subrata Mukherjee and Jean-Frederic Levesque
    • A turnaround in India’s urbanization. By R.B. Bhagat
    • The evolution of population policy in Viet Nam. By Bang Nguyen Pham, Peter S. Hill, Wayne Hall and Chalapati Rao
Additional Materials
Social Development Division +66 2288 1234 [email protected]